November 2006
the Space Shuttle
with ps2 Belfast

October 2006
Health and Wealth


Health & Wealth syndicate result 

The Space Shuttle at Belfast was a way to structure the coordinates of the private world of individual hopes and personal values that invisibly saturates public space.
The data gathered produced the numbers for the Health & Wealth lottery syndicate.

the forms   

Participants in the Health & Wealth syndicate were mainly employed in the public sector. Blackstaff Square is surrounded by Civil Service and Inland Revenue Tax offices, as well as welfare offices for housing benefits, a Business School and the well known Europa Hotel. The square is not a socialising space, more a transitory space for moving in-between work and home.

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In the Space Shuttle:
Location: Blackstaff Square Belfast
Dates: 9 to 19 October 2006.
The Space Shuttle was used to research the specific social and cultural environs of Blackstaff Square
central Belfast gathering information daily over 7 days.

Space Shuttle

Sample 01 : William G:
Date: 11.10.2006 Belfast

Health and Wealth form: assign 1 value on each axis to relate to the other axis. These variables are rotated daily. In this sample of choices made by William G in accordance with his personal values, he has 6 lottery numbers marked in [red ]
The 6 numbers are: 3 -8-21-34-39-44
These numbers assign:
and so forth...

7x7: Health & Wealth is based on data. It projects a 7 x 7 grid onto public space as an intervention. These are the 2 types or axes of variables to measure our lives by as shown here (roll-over). There are also 2 further axes or variables to consider:
The number of people and agents as a daily flow
The amount of time in days


1-49: Health and Wealth uses the structure of the National Lottery based on permutations of 1 to 49. The lottery form is a statistically democratic grid through which all social aspirations can be channeled through in a million different ways every day. It is a form of social currency that gives & takes away - barters - in ways that both over-simplify and unify cultural complexities.
The lottery converts all possible permutations of 1 to 49 to ideally form into a pyramid; the top of the pyramid [1] symbolises the jackpot and the demographics of distribution and social development.

The fable is based on the modern approach to happiness. In day-to-day terms  the contradiction that governs modern life is that personal security is realistically achievable only through individualism and material consumption. Personal happiness however can only be secured through social interaction and a sense of relatedness.
It is this inherent conflict of means embodied in modern culture that is played out by Health and Wealth.


Based on the workings of an omnipotent enterprise that  feeds on the aspirations of its discordant peoples, spinning and winning hearts and minds, confusing past and future...

Health and Wealth - a mythic utopian fable


March 2007
Algorithms for Utopia pdf
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Space Shuttle
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